intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) debuts on Venue

Hyundai Motor India Ltd on July 3 announced the India debut of intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) on its first connected SUV Venue.

The company claimed it to be another industry-first Innovation that offers customers the convenience of two-pedal clutch-less technology combined with Fun-to-Drive elements of a manual transmission.

Hyundai’s iMT technology is essentially a revolutionary two-pedal system that eliminates the need for drivers to use the clutch pedal constantly as in a conventional manual transmission. However, with this technology the driver retains the ability to slot gears manually, thereby delivering enhanced control and retaining the joy of driving.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “Hyundai has been driving the adoption of new and innovative technologies at scale. With our ‘Future Ready’ business strategy, we have been continuously striving for customer delight with Human centric technologies that present our innate understanding of what our customers’ desire. iMT is one such technology that accounts for pleasure of driving and also the convenience needed to ease the hectic burden of daily commutes.”