MG Motor India’s AI- Generated iconic ads illuminate the Centenary Celebration in style

Morris Garages, a British automobile brand with a 100-year-old legacy, launched an innovative campaign, ‘Recreate the Magic’, to mark its centenary year. The campaign skillfully melds elements of nostalgia and state-of-the-art technology to effectively revive the brand’s iconic ads and infuse them with a futuristic edge by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Recreate the Magic” radiates the core spirit and essence of MG Motor India, embodying the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the sheer joy of the open road. The campaign reflects MG’s storied past and vibrant present, offering a unique glimpse into MG’s iconic models like the MGB, MG TC, and MG ZA Magnette. As a special part of the campaign, MG is excited to announce the release of AI-generated customized ads exclusively crafted by Studio Sorted, adding a modern twist to the storytelling tradition. Although AI has primarily authored these ads, human adjustments are incorporated to maintain authenticity and uphold MG’s cherished, longstanding emotional connection that has resonated through generations. This innovation in media outreach not only celebrates our heritage but also invites you to join us in “Recreating the Magic” that defines MG.

This campaign is both a tribute to the brand’s long-standing heritage and its steadfast commitment to being trailblazers in innovation. Furthermore, the brand has expanded this initiative to encourage user-generated content, combining creativity and innovation in their campaign. Here, participants can reimagine MG’s classic ads using the cutting-edge tool of AI technology.