Nissan launches COVID campaign with Kapil

Nissan India has launched an integrated general awareness and safety campaign that aims to educate and empower people against COVID-19 through cricket, a force that unifies the country.

By using cricket analogies to draw parallels between preparing for a match and preparing to fight COVID-19, the campaign hopes to amplify the message of safety by urging people to come together as the country faces one if its toughest matches yet on health and safety, said a press release.

The seven-video series campaign is available on all digital-led platforms, with a new video going live every third day.

Nissan India has chosen the iconic cricketer Kapil Dev as the voice of the campaign.

”I am pleased to be a part of an impactful campaign that impels each one of us to do our bit to win over COVID-19 as a nation. As part of Team India, I have won many battles on the field but this battle with COVID-19 has been the toughest. It is a plea from us to the people of India on what we can all do to move to safety to make India win over COVID-19,” said Kapil Dev.