Tesla is most sought-after luxury car brand of Europe

Tesla has been named Europe’s most sought-after luxury car brand, according to new research by driving footwear company, Vandel.

Based on the monthly online searches for 15 luxury car brands across 32 European countries, Tesla took the top spot with 3.9m online searches, coming first in 20 out of the 32 countries reviewed.

BMW is in second place, with 3m monthly searches, and Audi in third place with 2.4m.

The results also found that the top five most searched luxury cars are Tesla, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. It also found that Tesla’s top fans are Germany, the UK and France and Germany is the most car-obsessed country, followed by the UK and France

As Tesla is the only electric-first brand in the list, it seems sustainability is scoring as high as luxury these days. Environmentally-conscious countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark all chose Tesla as their go-to luxury brand.

BMW takes first place in countries including Croatia, Finland, Portugal and the Netherlands. Audi came first in two of the 32 countries reviewed – Greece (35,000 searches) and Russia (62,000 searches).