Matter announces its new Design Centre in Pune

The new design centre will come with state-of-the-art infrastructure equipment and collaborative spaces that can offer end-to-end research, design and development activities.

Matter, a vertically integrated technology start-up focused on electric mobility and energy storage, has announced its new design and software centre in the city of Pune. The centre aims to reinforce and build on the brands core value of creating boldly, keeping it simple, keeping the user at around the heart, and elevating their experiences through smart actions. The primary objective of the design centre is to curate the future concepts and product line-up for Matter’s mobility and energy storage products and experiences around them. 

The state-of-the-art infrastructure will enable the team of designers, makers, and experience creators to conceptualise futuristic products and experiences and promote the culture of creating bold and remarkable designs in the journey of building a sustainable future. The unconventional workspace aims to nurture the brilliance, experience, and expertise of the design talent across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Saran Babu, Co-Founder and CDO, Matter, said, “Our culture is formed around our brand’s core values and the design centre is at the heart of our value system. We are on a mission to transform the electric and energy ecosystem in India and our new centre is a huge step in this direction. We are thrilled to create a highly stimulating workspace that inspires and enables the amalgamation of design and technology innovation to redefine product design and user experience.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO, Matter, said, “The design and technology are the key pillars for the brand Matter, we are enthused by the design innovation principle, creating an evolution that is intuitive and experiential, our soon to be launched EV motorcycle is to be a reflection of our core design principle and the new design centre is at a cusp of our inspirational journey into future that is to be exciting and sustainable.

The centre will be equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, equipment and collaborative spaces that can enable end-to-end research, design and development activities for Matter’s mobility and industrial products. The facility will have house digital and physical Clay Modelling Labs, Colours, Materials, Finishes, Graphics & Accessories Labs, Human Machine Interaction (HMI) prototyping labs, VR Modelling & Mixed Media Interaction Labs, and physical presentation spaces as well.

The facility will house Industrial Designers, Experience Designers, New Media Designers, Researchers, and Software Engineers. The Experience and Research team will focus on identifying emerging trends and subconscious needs of the customer to continuously curate new experiences keeping the new age consumers at the centre. The software team will be working towards future of software and data ecosystem to leverage the potential of technology through data diving and building the software around the experience principals.