Waaree Energies supplies 68 MW of Solar Modules for Mahagenco Project.

The deployment of Waaree's bifacial modules is expected to enhance the Mahagenco project's energy output and contribute to the region's renewable energy capacity.

Waaree Energies Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of solar PV modules with an installed capacity of 12 GW, delivered 68 MW of its Bi-55 bifacial dual glass framed modules to Gensol Engineering Limited. These modules, delivered in March 2024, are currently being commissioned for the Mahagenco solar PV project.

The deployment of Waaree’s bifacial modules is expected to enhance the Mahagenco project’s energy output and contribute to the region’s renewable energy capacity. These modules, with their advanced technology and design, ensure long-term durability and enhanced performance, making them ideal for large-scale solar projects.

Mr. Hitesh Chimanlal Doshi, Chairman & Managing Director of Waaree Energies Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic partnership, stating, “We are elated to collaborate with Gensol Engineering Limited on the solar PV project. As India progresses towards its ambitious renewable energy targets, we believe that projects like Mahagenco, powered by Waaree’s solar solutions, are significant in achieving the nation’s vision of a greener future. This initiative is expected to not only reduce carbon emissions but also aid in fostering economic growth and creating employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.”

This order underscores Waaree Energies’ commitment to contribute towards advancing India’s renewable energy sector with its solar solutions. The Bi-55 modules, known for their quality and energy efficiency, are expected to play a pivotal role in the commissioning of the Mahagenco project.