Godi India to set up giga-factory

Telangana-based battery manufacturer Godi India recently announced its expansion plans to set up its first indigenous giga-factory for lithium-ion cell manufacturing in India by 2024.

“The new factory will play the role of vitalizing the EVs and Stationary Storage industry in India and we will put all our efforts into making the plant sustainable battery cells with a minimal carbon footprint and CO2 emissions,” Mahesh Godi, founder and CEO, Godi India, said. The manufacturing facility will have the latest technology in all aspects including carbon neutral processes and powered by renewables.

“With our advanced cell technology, we intend to be a leading provider of storage solutions for electric vehicles and energy storage applications in India and will also contribute to reducing India’s dependence on fossil fuels. Our newly-developed lithium-ion cell (4.5Ah capacity) with an energy density of 235 Wh/kg has a longer range that meets our customer demands,” the CEO of Godi India said.