Apollo Vredestein’s product offensive in North America

Vredestein, founded in 1909, and now owned by Indian tyre major Apollo Tyres Ltd, boasts a rich 111-year history of innovation and product development, and has established itself as one of Europe’s highly regarded premium tyre brands.

In the US and Canada however, Vredestein is relatively unknown. That changed recently with Vredestein launching a comprehensive brand offensive backed by a full range of new tyre lines explicitly designed for and developed in North America.

The launch marked the culmination of a $30 million research and development effort, said a company press release. The result was a complete line of ultra-high performance tyres for North America’s diverse geography and regional climates, an all-new high-performance tyre line aimed at some of the most popular vehicle segments and Vredestein’s first-ever dedicated pick-up truck and SUV tyre.

“We learned that today’s drivers place a greater premium on tyre performance versatility than ever before,” said Mr Abhishek Bisht, Assistant Vice-President for Americas, Apollo Tyres Ltd. “In North America, we found that the customers want, and expect to feel supreme confidence across the wide range of road surfaces, conditions and climates they are likely to encounter during their travels,” he said.

“Our global expertise, combined with a local focus on the North American market, has delivered a complete market-tailored tyre line-up, that we believe sets new standards across a full range of usage scenarios,” added Mr Bisht.