First e-kart race in Russia

Renera LLC, a subsidiary of the TVEL Fuel Company and Rosatom’s integrator for energy storage solutions, organised the first electric kart race in Russia. MINI-class race cars were equipped with lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Rosatom.

The race was organised together among racers of 9-11 years’ old at the Izhorets karting track in Kolpino, Saint-Petersburg.

Ten 10 kW electric karts equipped with Renera batteries participated in the competition. Compared to petrol-fueled cars, these karts are more dynamic and maneuverable on the race track.

Renera batteries have been developed with capacity of 40 Ah (ampere-hours) and designed to keep the kart going in racing mode for at least 20 minutes. The battery is fully charged in two hours. If necessary, the battery may be quickly changed to a charged one, so that the kart would continue the race.

“This kind of Russian-made equipment has become possible due to the rapid development of energy storage systems. Today’s race has shown that there is a great potential for development of an environmentally friendly sport with growing popularity. We are sure that Renera energy storage units have great potential for implementation not only in karting, but in other types of electric vehicles”, commented Mr Emin Askerov, Director General of Renera.