Greaves campaign to push demand for EVs

Diversified engineering company Greaves has launched a campaign, called #MovingBillionsWithGreaves, to accelerate the demand for electric vehicles and create safer mobility alternatives and livelihoods for a billion Indians.

According to a press release, the company will unveil a series of business initiatives to accelerate e-mobility adoption and empower the last-mile segment comprising customers, dealers, auto drivers, mechanics, and MSMEs.

Through the campaign, Greaves Electric Mobility will deploy activities to boost employment with significant expansion in installed capacity, awareness around benefits of EV for small businesses and improved accessibility as a way to achieving 100 per cent electric mobility in the near future.

A spokesperson at Greaves Cotton said, “Today, Greaves Electric Mobility has a tremendous range/depth of EV products, expansive dealer partner network and aftersales service footprint in the electric mobility space. Hence, we have set off on a journey to create a demand for electric vehicles across 2W and 3W that make them commonplace and achieve our grand mission of moving billions with Greaves.”