iVOOMi launches S1, Jeet e-scooters

iVOOMi Energy, one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers, has on 22nd March launched two new ‘Made in India’ electric scooter models, the S1 and Jeet, in the Indian market. Powered with smart technology and Packed with consumer-centric features iVOOMi scooters aim to provide comfort, ease of use, and quick charging with an adaptive range of prediction according to the rider’s driving pattern.

The company has immaculately designed its EVs with a vision to further drive India’s electric future mission and support the concerted efforts across the aisle for green mobility and electric vehicles. The newly launched electric vehicles cater to the needs of Indian consumers who are early adopters and also wish for world-class technology for daily commuting on highways and traffic-induced roads.

Product Specifications:

  • The high-speed electric scooter, iVOOMi S1, is priced at Rs. 84,999 and is powered by a 2KW electric motor that offers a speed of 65 kmph. With a kerb weight of 75 kg, the iVOOMi S1 features a disc brake. For ease of charging, the company has included a 60V, 2.0Kwh swappable Li-ion battery that can be charged entirely in 3–4 hours and go up to 115km on a full charge.
  • iVOOMi Jeet is available in two variants: Jeet Pro is priced at Rs 92,999 and Jeet is priced at Rs 82,999. Both the iVOOMi scooters are extremely practical and trendy, with a premium design and an ultra-powerful build, making them the right electric two-wheelers to be on Indian roads. Jeet and Jeet Pro, with their luxury vibe, support swappable batteries as well. The Jeet and Jeet pro features a 1.5kw–2 kW battery pack respectively. These premium iVOOMi scooters offer a range of up to 130 km on a single charge and are available in three colour combinations: red, blue, and grey.

iVOOMi scooters have a high ground clearance of 170mm, designed to tackle Indian roads. The new models are 100% Indian-made electric vehicles, which were made possible by tying up with only Indian OEMs and domestic auto parts manufacturers.

To ensure maximum comfort for riders, iVOOMi scooters come with the latest features like Find My Scooter, Large 30L Boot Space, and Parking Assist for a smoother, cleaner, greener ride, and USB charging.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sunil Bansal, Founder & MD, iVOOMi Energy, said, “After two years of extensive research and development, our team has developed, designed, and indigenised products that are proven in and on the Indian roads and eco-system. We understand the Indian consumers and their driving conditions which are grounds for our suspensions, high ground clearance along with an enlarged legroom. We at ivoomi have taken up the challenge of developing a better and greener future for our coming generations, which motivates us to keep designing, developing, and deploying various technologies integrated within our EVs. We are confident that “Jeet” and “S1” will be warmly welcomed by consumers and will usher in a new era of the e-vehicle revolution on Indian roads. “

The company designs and manufacturers lithium-ion battery packs in-house. iVOOMi has established R&D centres in Pune, and manufacturing plants in Noida, Pune, and Ahmednagar. iVOOMi is confident in driving the vision of a greener and cleaner future as the company moves ahead into a new era of providing sustainable mobility solutions to align with the government’s vision to electrify all vehicles by 2030.