Omega Seiki Mobility partners with Agri Junction

Omega Seiki Mobility and Agri Junction announced a strategic partnership to deploy more than 10,000 electric two and three wheeler vehicles in rural markets by FY’ 22-23. In the first phase Agri Junction and OSM will be introducing its electric vehicle in Tier II and III markets of UP and Maharashtra which has the maximum share of electric vehicle sales in India. OSM will be deploying existing vehicles such as cargo electric vehicle range: Rage+, Rage+ Rapid, Rage+ Rapid Pro, Rage+ Frost and Rage+ Swap and electric passenger vehicle: Stream and specialised new product line-up such as electric two wheelers: Mopedo, electric passenger vehicle: Stream city, drones and tractors in rural markets.

Agri Junction will be supporting Omega Seiki Mobility in deploying of vehicles, listing of OSM Electric vehicles on Agri Junction website, providing access of credit via PM Mudra Yojna, associations with dealers, setting up EV infrastructure and in creating awareness for EV’s amongst the farmer community, small businesses and people at large in rural markets. On the other hand, Omega Seiki Mobility will be providing electric vehicles, set up charging infrastructure under company’s brand OSM E-link and a special R&D Team for developing new products specific for rural markets of India.

Rural India is a huge market for electric vehicles. The market is mostly agrarian in nature, with small businesses and roadside kiosks and a major share of pick-up trucks and tractors are used for transportation. Many of these vehicles are old and may possibly be less efficient in terms of fuel usage. To that extent, Electric vehicles are the best solution for these markets. Besides, In India, the last-mile logistics sector in the e-commerce industry is anticipated to increase by 9 times to USD 5.23 billion in 2025. Today, one out of five customers of e-commerce platforms originate from Tier II and III cities. For small loads, 3W goods vehicles are fast becoming a preferred choice for last-mile delivery. Buoyed by this demand, Agri Junction and OSM are working together in its mission of Pioneering Responsible Energy and go beyond metro and Tier I cities. 

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, “Omega Seiki Mobility is born electric OEM which aims to ‘empower electric mobility in India’ in its truest sense. Driven by the government’s fiscal and non-fiscal measures, smaller towns and rural India are joining the community of EV users. OSM is rigorously testing its electric tractors in its Korea and Thailand R&D centres and will be bringing new concepts of tractor as a service and leasing for the Tier II and III markets by 2023. Electric vehicles, owing to their low operating and maintenance costs along with zero tail-pipe emissions, make an economically viable and environmentally friendly option for personal and commercial use for these cities.”

“Our collaboration with Agri Junction is a major step in this direction. Omega Seiki Mobility and Agri Junction will together build infrastructure in the rural markets. Agri Junction has a vast experience of working in rural markets, we are working together to develop specialized electric vehicles using this knowledge. We will make sure to improve EV adoption in these markets.” Added Mr. Narang

Mr. Raj Yadav, Founder and CEO, Agri Junction said, “We are excited to associate with Omega Seiki Mobility. At Agri Junction we work towards a single goal of helping people to make our Nation GO GREEN! We continuously work towards innovation of new ideas about how to increase the productivity of the farmers. We work towards hygienic and environmentally safe products that are facilitated by experts and offer reliable results. With our confidence in successfully growing plants, we inspire thousands of people to adapt sustainability in their everyday life.”

Agri Junction is a reliable supplier of agricultural seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, machinery and equipment. Company offers farm machinery from leading brands to make cultivating easy and effective. For all agricultural needs, Agri Junction is a one stop solution. Agri Junction is currently present in ten rural cities of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Company has an aggressive plan to reach out to all the Tier II and III cities pan India in the next three years. Speaking on the association Mr. Sunil Singh, Co-Founder, Agri Junction said, “The major reason for tie-ing with Omega Seiki Mobility is that we share the same ideologies of making the world a better place by introducing sustainable solutions to the market. This will help Agri Junction in providing green and environment friendly mode of highly advanced three wheeler range of Omega Seiki Mobility which will be a logistics support to the farmers through our transporters and aggregators partners. Further the OSM electric two wheelers will provide an inexpensive mode of transportation to our peer partners and farmers.”

Omega Seiki Mobility has been growing its product line up and manufacturing footprint rapidly in India. The company is the first OEM to have 2,3 and 4 wheelers in its product portfolio. The company has set up large scale manufacturing facilities in Delhi NCR, Pune and now looking to expand in Chennai. The company is a leading last mile service provider with under its brand “UNOXpress”. The company is currently running its fleet in 25 cities, registering over 10 lac km a month.

Omega Seiki Mobility believes in creating sustainable mobility solutions with integrated approach of connecting Automobiles and the Society. The brand’s focus is to eventually create a clean ecosystem with eco-friendly, safe and congestion free mobility. OSM is one of India’s leading clean energy incubators and has become synonymous with India’s sustainability success. The electric vehicle manufacturing company aims to fast-track future mobility, with green energy at its core, by implementing data-driven, smart engineering.