Advantec Wheels displays Premium Flow-Forged Alloy Wheels at Automechanika Show 2024

With designer choices and superior fitment using a breakthrough AR-driven mobile App, Advantec Wheels’ customer-centric product innovation and sales initiatives will set new benchmarks in customer delight and car safety.

After years of rigorous R&D, perfecting precision engineering and exquisite design craftsmanship, India’s first and only premium yet affordable alloy wheels manufacturer Advantec Wheels is set to revolutionise alloy wheels’ aftermarket. With designer choices and superior fitment using a breakthrough AR-driven mobile App, Advantec Wheels’ customer-centric product innovation and sales initiatives will set new benchmarks in customer delight and car safety. The company showcased an all-new range of these Made in India premium products viz. Kohinoor, Spyder and Black Widow at the Automechanika 2024 at Pragati Maidan.

Till recently automotive enthusiast car owners were restricted in their wheel choices with unreliable quality imports, limited options and unhelpful fitment aids. Yet the unmet desire to spruce up car looks with exquisite designer wheels that are high on quality, durability, beauty and safety, kept growing with zooming sales of passenger vehicles. Well-informed Indian car owners are keen to give their premium cars a designer statement with car fashion accessories that spice up looks and performance with great aesthetics, unmatched strength, top-quality finish & safety assurance. Taking up this challenge Advantec Wheels is bringing its revolutionary products in the market in mid CY2024. These exquisitely crafted and precision-engineered ‘Made-in-India’ flow forged alloy wheels from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant leverage 5 decades of automotive manufacturing excellence along with the latest technological advances in product performance and marketing.  

Advantec Wheels’ many revolutionary ‘firsts’ are set to transform alloy wheels aftermarket forever. Their user-friendly website enables people to choose from a wide variety of alloy wheels and buy them from a robust distributor/retail network PAN India. This comprehensive range is impressive as people can choose from 3 distinct design series available in 16, 17, 18, 20 and 22-inch wheel sizes respectively.  

Additionally, there is a series of educational videos aptly called, “High on Wheels”, to help customers make smarter choices with a complete guide on wheel sizes, and tyres according to their respective vehicles, which will be released shortly. Moreover, Advantec Wheels’ unique technological innovation “Floating Wheel Caps”, is a first-ever breakthrough in the Indian Automobile Industry. This engineering marvel boosts wheel aesthetics to the next level as unlike standard wheels, floating wheel caps stay upright while the vehicle and the wheel are in motion!  

Yet another crucial breakthrough is the state-of-the-art hub-centric ring, these rings ensure a perfect fit of AW wheels onto your specific vehicle, leaving zero chances of disorientation or wobbling of the wheels while cruising at high speeds. Thus, have been thought through and delivered on all the pain points and aspirations of today’s car owners. 

Speaking on game-changing marketing and sales strategies, Mr Jasneet Singh (Co-founder) Advantec Wheels Pvt. Ltd. remarked, “With over 50% of the aftermarket demand being served by largely unreliable imports customers are at the mercy of limited choices! To correct this industry anomaly, we will be offering a range of premium flow-forged alloy wheels online through our website besides as well as through our pan India B2B distribution network. To this end, our cutting-edge and user-friendly mobile App uses Augmented Reality to effectively remove buyers’ guesswork. It allows them to visualize how their alloy wheel fitments will finally appear on their vehicles in the real world. Hence, by placing their smartphone’s camera alongside their respective vehicles’ tyres they can select their best-fit choice from amongst our wide range of alloy wheel designs and finishes.” 

Detailing the wide product mix, Mr Singh explained, “Our high-tech, fully automated manufacturing plant at Jammu has raised the bar on engineering excellence. Beginning mid CY2024 our alloy wheels available in the market will be fully engineered, perfected and validated in-house using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, quality and performance matching exacting global standards. Our products have enhanced quality and durability thanks to our Flow-Forged manufacturing technology making our products lighter, yet stronger alloy wheels as compared to the standard casted wheels available today, lending to their higher mileage and safety for the car’s superior performance. With automotive wheel manufacturing excellence of 50+ years, we have an edge over our competitors in technological prowess, manufacturing excellence, and customer-centric marketing & sales innovations. Committed to setting new benchmarks in customer delight with our iconic wheel designs, we are harnessing our distinctive Design Philosophy. Another disruptive first in the market is our world-class Element Painting allowing customers to customize their set of AW wheels with up to 25 unique paint finishes per design matching their car aesthetics desires!”

Elaborating more on the company’s forthcoming marketing innovations Mr Singh added, “We will create a unique niche by catering to customers both online and through conventional B2B distribution networks. With a well-thought-out pricing strategy, we will bring premium, luxury performance wheels of the latest international standards at affordable prices. We are targeting the premium segment of young automotive enthusiasts who desire value-added high-quality products at good value-for-money prices. Our people-appealing Social Media campaigns are evoking high levels of enthusiasm, which gives us the confidence to keep raising the bar on product perfection and use friendly marketing & sales innovations. To enhance product visibility and accessibility, we are showcasing our range at Mall Exhibits across major pan-India cities to boost product awareness and brand appeal. And our Automechanika 2024 participation will generate a lot of trade enquiries and consumer interest, as multitudes of automotive enthusiasts will witness the revolution of alloy wheels like never before!”