Uno Minda: Exemplary initiatives

With an aim to create an environment that encourages women to participate in the workforce, it is important that businesses initiate and facilitate women with friendly systems and processes.

Uno Minda Group’s initiatives for women have been exemplary. These include developing gender-sensitive policies and guidelines as well as developing effective programmes related to recruitment, retention, product development and corporate investments.

Throughout its structure, gender diversity has been the priority of the Group. Starting from Board of Directors, in which two out of five members are women, till the workshops where there are women workers dominating.

On any shop floor across various auto part segments in Uno Minda Group, there are up to 70 per cent women. Their hands ensure precision and production of excellent quality auto components. The corporate ladder also has a sizeable chunk of women working which ensures a wider perspective in management and provides women with opportunities for professional growth.

There is an incentive plan for women employees wherein referring women candidates and their subsequent joining in the organisation entail incentives. Also when an employee resigns, the replacement is always of the same gender. This encourages equal opportunity and gender diversity.

It is not just the corporate ladder and factories that empower women; the CSR arm of Uno Minda Group is equally active to promote women empowerment through initiatives under Suman Nirmal Minda Charitable trust. These initiatives improve lives of various communities across the country.

Under the initiative of Samarth Jyoti, various vocational courses are offered. The CSR initiatives also includes working with women Self Help groups to help individuals raise funds and gain knowledge of purchasing and marketing which is required for running own small businesses. The efforts have been fruitful and many women have been empowered to drive change in the communities they live in.