Aprilia unveils the RS 457 Sportsbike

Aprilia RS 457 makes its Indian début following its design and development at Aprilia’s headquarters in Italy, at the same technical HQ that produces superbikes and MotoGP bikes. RS 457 is meant for racing experience and wins, making it an accomplished European manufacturer in the Grand Prix World Championship with 297 triumphs.

Aprilia has dominated the junior MotoGP classes, winning 38 world titles and raising an extraordinary generation of legendary riders: Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, and more.

After the success of Aprilia RS 660 (Europe’s best-selling sports bike) Aprilia has revolutionized the sports bike segment, creating a new segment with exclusive technical choices placing it at the top end of the sports market. Its strengths are its lightness, ease of handling, and technological equipment, assisting the rider on the road and the track.

The ergonomics feature clip-on handlebars mounted above the upper steering plate, a road sports solution that perfectly balances sportiness and riding comfort, the company said.

RS 457 engine’s liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder with double camshaft timing and four valves per cylinder, delivering 35 kW (48 hp) of power. It comes with a twin-cylinder engine’s design features that offer much more power than single-cylinder engines, with a 48hp maximum output, while keeping vibrations to a minimum. In addition, its 270-degree connecting rod assembly produces a unique and exciting sound that reflects its level of performance. Its weight is 159 kg dry, rising to 175 kg wet.

Michele Colaninno, Piaggio Group CEO said “In recent years, the Aprilia brand has seen an intense burst of renewal, also supported by continued progress in the racing world. The recent introduction of the 660 family, with RS and Tuono first and Tuareg later, has expanded its target, creating a full and competitive range. We are now ready to take another step towards the future with an astonishing bike developed entirely in Noale, capable of stimulating and thrilling young people and opening up huge potential in new markets, near and far. It is a step closer to the globalisation of a brand that has always had the perfect combination of technology, fun, and looking to the future in its DNA.”