Creatara e-bike developed by IIT innovators launched in India

In a market often challenged by concerns about safety, Creatara says that they stand out with their unique features like the safe-start technology.

Creatara, an urban mobility EV, the brainchild of innovators Vikas Gupta and Ringlarei Pamei from IIT Delhi, officially launched at the IIT Delhi’s Research & Innovation Park. The e-bike promises to redefine the way people navigate their cities, offering a blend of safety, customization, and cutting-edge technology.

Creatara enters the Indian e-bike market at an opportune moment. The industry is experiencing explosive growth, with market size exceeding USD 1.18 billion in 2023 and a projected CAGR of 10.6%, reaching a staggering USD 2.92 billion by 2032 (IMARC Group). This surge stems from a growing desire for eco-friendly commuting solutions, spurred by factors like rising fuel prices, increasing awareness of environmental concerns, and government initiatives like the FAME scheme, a press release stated.

In a market often challenged by concerns about safety, Creatara says that they stand out with their unique features like the safe-start technology. This innovative feature ensures a minimum pre-defined rider weight, to prevent unauthorized or unintentional acceleration, offering peace of mind to parents and users alike. There are many crucial elements and features like these on the vehicle that enable prioritizing safety without compromising on performance, the company added.

Creatara said that they go beyond mere transportation. Their advanced technology integrates seamlessly with the riding experience. State-of- the-art sensors monitor road conditions in real-time, providing riders with invaluable information about the path ahead. Additionally, speed monitoring and GPS tracking empower users with control and enhance their situational awareness.

One of the main underpinning concepts of Creatara is their proprietary modular vehicle platform. It can be adapted to different use case scenarios and user preferences. Case in point is their ‘moto-cross’ variant revealed at the launch. Its hill-friendly design tackles inclines with ease, preventing rollback and capable suspension set-up ensuring a smooth ride even on challenging terrains, Creatara claimed.

Creatara says they understand that every rider is unique. That’s why it offers unmatched customization options. Users can adjust the maximum speed to their comfort level and terrain, adapting the e-bike’s performance to their individual needs. This flexibility allows riders to personalize their experience and embrace the freedom of the open road, the company stated.

With a claimed charging time of 4-5 hours and a claimed 100km/hr top speed and range of 100 kms on a single charge, the Creatara E-bike epitomizes sustainability and efficiency. The Creatara launch signifies a new chapter in urban transportation. With its unwavering commitment to safety, cuttingedge technology, and user-centric design, Creatara empowers individuals to redefine their commutes and explore their cities in a sustainable and personalized way, the company said.