e-Ashwa Automotive Founder launches Sampoorn EV

This new venture will provide a complete EV ecosystem platform to small local EV players

Vikas Gupta, Founder and ex-CEO of Ghaziabad-based electric vehicle company e-Ashwa Automotive Pvt Ltd has announced the launch of another EV venture under the name Sampoorn EV Pvt Ltd.

Sampoorn EV will provide a complete (sampoorn) and holistic EV ecosystem platform to small local EV players who have good products but do not have the required infrastructure mainly retail network to market and sell their products beyond their local region. The company will assist small local EV companies setup company, create and build brand and products and all activities thereafter including purchase, sales, services, repair, maintenance and support which will be part of the offerings by Sampoorn EV.

As part of creating a complete EV ecosystem, Sampoorn EV will setup multi-brand EV retail stores in different parts of the country in a phase manner to house EV products and accessories by different EV brands. Currently, the company does not plan to have its own Brand and Products. The tagline of Sampoorn EV is “A Brand Agnostic EV Ecosystem”.

Speaking on the launch of his new EV venture, Vikas Gupta, Founder, Sampoorn EV Pvt Ltd, said,  “With favourable government policies and faster adoption of Electric Vehicles by the Auto sector, EV is certainly going to be the future of mobility. However, due to lack of better infrastructure, promising local level EV players having good & affordable products are unable to reach the large pool of customers in the country thereby restricting their growth. The idea behind launching Sampoorn EV is to bridge this very gap.”

Speaking further on this new initiative, Mr. Gupta said, “It is an effort towards keeping all the small local players in EV segment alive as they are contributing silently towards economic development by generating huge employment as well as cleansing of the environment which otherwise getting polluted with fossils fuel based vehicles.”