iGowise Mobility all set to launch Family e-Bike, Trigo BX4

Trigo BX4 is conceptualised, designed, and built in India by Indian engineers, keeping in mind the Indian road conditions & the Indians usage patterns.

Bengaluru-based Electric vehicle startup, iGowise Mobility Pvt Ltd is gearing up for the pre-launch of its unique 2W EV – Trigo BX4  – for the Indian market by January 26th, 2023. This truly unique e-bike is aimed at urban Indian families who value the space, safety and comfort of an SUV. This upcoming SUV Ebike is expected to be aimed at Indian families and will be competitively priced. It will be available in three different variants but no compromise on the battery size & range. The base price for Trigo BX4 is expected to be between 1.1 to 1.2 lakh.

It takes the narrative beyond speed and range by delivering 3X stability, 2X space & comfort, and 3X safety & durability than any of its competitors creating a unique mobility experience. Trigo BX4 aims to bridge the compromise users have to face day-to-day between a car’s comfort and safety versus a two-wheeler’s convenience, agility & ease of parking.

Sravan Appana, CEO of iGowise Mobility said , “ As a country, we are progressing towards a greener & cleaner future, but we continue to ignore the myriad of challenges 2W users face on the ground today. Safety and Comfort of 2W is must for people to embrace sustainable mobility.”

Trigo BX4 is a smart SUV truly made for Bharat. Our product is conceptualised, designed, and built in India by Indian engineers, keeping in mind the Indian road conditions & the Indians usage patterns. We are certain that this product will appeal to consumers of all age groups and genders and be embraced by the Indians. As a consumer-first & technology company, we will continue to bring new, innovative high tech mobility products to the market and define new paradigms in electric mobility”, concludes Sravan.

Featuring a 145 km real-world range, the Trigo BX4 offers a fun riding experience with an incredible peak torque of 180 Nm and a top speed of 75 KMPH. The SUV Ebike is packed with features like self-stabilisation at low-speeds and intelligent auto-swivelling at high-speeds for optimal stability & manoeuvrability. Thanks to all these, the bike provides best-in-class acceleration, a smoother ride and allows you to drive through corners effectively. It also packs practical features like a 6-inch integrated smart display and sensible smart charging. With a 15 Amps Hyper-fast Onboard charger that can be plugged in any existing port, it allows users the flexibility to fast charge when required and switch to relaxed mode on other occasions, offering a perfect balance between charging speed and battery life.

Pioneers and early adopters will get a chance to pre-book it through the Invite-only referral program. First 5000 consumers will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits such as extended warranties, free accessories, guaranteed resale / buy-back options.

The high end tech variant of Trigo comes with a load of features including an electronic intelligent stabiliser for unique “always feet onboard” experience. In this version, irrespective of how muddy or pothole ridden the road is, the rider doesn’t need to put her legs on the ground. This is very useful at traffic signals and riding fatigue-free in bumper to bumper traffic jams.