Mercedes Benz introduces flexible EV charging system Pro

It enables simple and convenient charging – with a charging power of up to 22 kW, depending on building availability, vehicle equipment and adapter.

The Flexible Charging System Pro from Mercedes Benz is the perfect all-in-one charging solution for every situation, at home, at work or on holiday. Indoors or outdoors, when driving electric cars or plugin hybrids. It enables simple and convenient charging – with a charging power of up to 22 kW, depending on building availability, vehicle equipment and adapter.

Maximum safety is provided by the automatic detection and adjustment of the optimal charging power as well as the temperature, sensor and safety functions.

The various adapters included in the scope of delivery enable the vehicle to be connected to almost all European socket types as well as public charging points with just one charging cable. Even when travelling abroad, charging with the Flexible Charging System Pro is simple and convenient: the corresponding adapters are available for the different European countries with their specific socket systems. The charging system detects the different adapters itself and sets the optimum charging power. In addition, the charging system can be mounted on the wall using the wall fastening provided in order to prevent theft.

Like all accessory solutions from Mercedes-Benz, the Flexible Charging System Pro is designed for maximum safety: this is ensured, among other things, by fault current detection and a temperature sensor. In addition, it is leak-proof, waterproof and protected according to IP67 even during brief submersion.

However, the flexible application possibilities are not only limited to the charging places – the Flexible Charging System Pro is compatible with all electric cars or plug-in hybrids that have a type 2 plug; in order to be able to charge at the maximum capacity, an on-board charger (code 84B) that can charge up to 22 kW must be installed in the vehicle. In addition, the interface enables the free use of WLAN and thus also problem-free over-the-air updates in the customer’s own network. The start and end of the charging process can be conveniently controlled remotely via the remote start/stop function.

The new Mercedes-Benz Charger App offers a special customer benefit. All charging processes can be conveniently operated via the app: the charging settings can be defined and saved in advance. For example, energy targets can be set, energy costs can be adjusted or updates can be found. In addition, all charging processes are stored, documented in detail and displayed in the charging history. The dashboard allows insight into the charging situation in real time. Important information such as the current power, charging time, delivered energy and charging energy can thus be called up in the actual status at any time. All information can be displayed graphically and exported to the mobile phone at any time.

The Flexible Charging System Pro is packaged in a high-quality bag in Mercedes-Benz design – so all components are organised and tidy at all times. The charging system, which weighs approx. five kilograms, is easy and convenient to transport and is thus quickly and easily available for any charging situation.

The Flexible Charging System Pro from Mercedes-Benz is available in the countries of the EU as well as in the UK and Switzerland. Availability in other countries is planned.