MG Motor India to raise prices across all models from January 2024

Company to announce special year-end offers during the end of December 2023.

MG Motor India announced that price increases for all its models will be in effect from January 2024. This hike is owing to the rising costs attributed to overall inflation and increased commodity prices.

The company’s unwavering focus on enhancing customer experiences remains intact, with a steadfast commitment to creating optimal opportunities for customers to engage with the brand.

MG Motor India has also been placed among the top positions, ranking 1st, and 2nd, in the globally acknowledged JD Power’s CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and SSI (Sales Satisfaction Index) Study 2023, respectively, for the third year in a row and second in SSI in 2023.

To provide the best value proposition to its customers, MG Motor India is coming out with special year-end offers effective towards the end of December 2023. Prospective MG buyers can avail of these benefits before the price hike takes effect in the subsequent month.