Top 3 Indian companies transforming car servicing industry

Without the inconvenience of going to a typical repair shop, car owners can now arrange repairs, routine maintenance, and diagnostics with just a few taps on a smartphone app or a short online booking.

Due to the rise of at-home auto repair services, the automobile sector has seen a dramatic transition in recent years. By delivering expert services right to customers’ doorsteps, these creative entrepreneurs are completely changing the way traditional auto maintenance is done. These businesses are providing a long-term solution to the annoyance of auto maintenance by utilizing technology and a network of qualified specialists.

Without the inconvenience of going to a typical repair shop, car owners can now arrange repairs, routine maintenance, and diagnostics with just a few taps on a smartphone app or a short online booking. As a result, by offering effective, open, and customer-focused solutions that satisfy the changing needs of modern automobile owners, home auto repair service providers are changing the face of the auto business.

DYD India (Drive Your Dream)

DYD is India’s pioneering player in the automotive service industry, committed to transforming how car owners experience vehicle maintenance and care. With a resolute vision and mission, DYD aims to establish itself as India’s leading provider of car services at home, revolutionizing traditional norms and placing convenience, transparency, and customer satisfaction at the core of its operations.

The DYD India application has established impressive engagement, consistently drawing 5 to 6 thousand users monthly. This active user base is not just a statistic; it translates into tangible results with 1,000 leads successfully converted into over 150 services each month. As a testament to their commitment to service excellence, DYD currently operates with 4 vans, ensuring efficient on-site car repair solutions. Recognizing the growing demand for their services, the company is set to expand its fleet by adding 6 more vans, strategically positioning itself to cater comprehensively to the automotive needs of the entire Mumbai region. This planned expansion underscores DYD’s dedication to meeting the rising demands of its clientele and reinforces its position as a leading home car repair service provider in the dynamic urban landscape.

KwikFix Auto

KwikFix Auto provides customers with immediate car repair solutions at their desired location in pan Mumbai during a breakdown. Their wide range of services includes batteries, tyres, accessories, car repairs, car spa, and painting. It offers customers the option to schedule appointments with a KwikFix technician at their preferred time and also provides emergency services, reaching the desired location within 90 minutes.

KwikFix Auto, understand that the heart of service lies in the skills and professionalism of staff. KwikFix developed an extensive training program that not only enhances their technical skills but also trains them in soft skills like customer service and communication. We believe that a professional who can effectively communicate with customers and understand their needs can provide a much more satisfactory service.


Trumigo offer professional, high quality car maintenance services directly to a customer’s doorstep. Trumigo is currently available in Gurugram on a pilot basis, which will soon be rolled out for the entire Delhi-NCR.

The key insights that the company received from customers related to their car services was the basis for setting up Trumigo, which offers the services of highly skilled mechanics and service advisors. On offer is an array of services like periodic servicing, car grooming and on-demand mechanical assistance for car owners, all via a digital application.

The company professionals use OEM authorised and genuine products for car maintenance, and to further enhance transparency, these products are unboxed right in front of the customers. The comprehensive service packages offered by Trumigo, are tailored to the specific make, model and fuel type of each customer’s car. This personalised approach ensures services that are specifically designed for customers’ cars, enhancing the effectiveness of the maintenance.