AEEE comes up with Green Vehicle Rating

The Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), which works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource, has released Green Vehicle Rating (GVR), the country’s only vehicle rating system based on environmental performance.

An information tool, GVR aims to reshape consumer knowledge on vehicles and help buyers calculate their impact on a community’s health and environment, said a press release.

GVR, it said, also intends to help buyers identify high performing vehicles, make informed decisions with a web-based rating system for vehicles followed by working towards increasing the demand for greener variants.

Funded by Shakti Foundation and supported by American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the tool uses ‘Form 22’ or the ‘Road Worthiness Certificate’ mandated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2017 to calculate the environmental performance of the vehicle. Based on the data available in the Form 22, GVR takes a composite approach to pollutant emissions data and fuel efficiency data as reported by the auto dealers and online auto marketplaces.

“Green Vehicle Rating (GVR) takes the self-reported emissions data in Form 22 and makes it easier to understand the true impact of a vehicle on the road without getting lost in numbers. With GVR, we aim to propel towards creating a culture of energy efficiency in India by shifting this ever growing consumer base towards cleaner modes of transportation,” said Dr Satish Kumar, President and Executive Director, AEEE.