Tata Motors’ New Sales Network for Electric Vehicles

Tata Motors is creating an exclusive sales network for electric vehicles (EVs) to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly models. With an expanding EV portfolio and ambitious plans, Tata Motors aims to lead the green revolution in India's automotive industry.

In an exciting development in the world of electric vehicles (EVs), Tata Motors is poised to revolutionize the market by establishing a distinct sales network exclusively for their EV lineup during this fiscal year. This strategic move is designed to provide a specialized and enhanced experience for customers who opt for eco-friendly models, as revealed by a senior executive at the company. Tata Motors, headquartered in the vibrant city of Mumbai, has recently unveiled upgraded versions of its popular Nexon EV and Nexon with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Separate Sales Outlets for EVs and ICE Models

Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, elucidated the rationale behind this visionary decision. With Tata Motors steadily expanding its portfolio of EVs and recognizing the unique requirements of EV customers, there arises a need for dedicated sales outlets catering to both EVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) models. Chandra stated, “We need to separate outlets because there would not be enough space to keep both EVs and ICE models at the same place… So there’s a practical difficulty… we will not be able to do justice to both. So you will start seeing exclusive outlets starting slowly from the coming quarters,” as reported by PTI, a leading news wire agency.

Expanding EV Portfolio

Tata Motors’ current EV lineup includes the flagship Nexon EV range, Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and the XPRES-T EV. The company is planning to experiment with exclusive EV outlets initially in select cities where there has been a surge in EV demand. Chandra disclosed, “We’ll start with pilot cities. I can’t disclose the locations right now. But as I said, within this financial year, we’ll start with some experiments.”

A Rising Demand for Electric Vehicles

The demand for electric vehicles is on a steep ascent, constituting 13-15 percent of Tata Motors’ overall sales, a figure expected to soar in the coming years. Chandra asserted, “Revenue-wise it will be 18-20 percent as of quarter one. Next three to four years, I would imagine this to go up to 25 percent.”

Ambitious EV Plans

Tata Motors has ambitious plans for the EV segment, with a vision that electric vehicles will constitute half of its passenger vehicle sales by 2030.

The Cutting-Edge Nexon EV

The recently launched Nexon EV boasts an impressive range of up to 465 km on a single charge and offers unique features like the ability to charge other compatible EVs and power external gadgets and appliances. Chandra emphasized that EV customers represent a rapidly growing and discerning community with a penchant for cutting-edge technology, and the new Nexon EV aims to cater to their evolving preferences.

Introducing Nexon with Petrol and Diesel Engines

In addition to their EV offerings, Tata Motors has also introduced the Nexon with petrol and diesel engines, with introductory prices starting from Rs 8.09 lakh (ex-showroom). This move is particularly significant in the compact SUV segment, where the Nexon competes with popular models like the Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, and Kia Sonet—a fiercely competitive market segment.