Steelbird with A.L. Group of Israel brings new technology in car cabin filters with aromatic sense

Steelbird will market a new concept-driven product to its established OEM customer base, which will be manufactured by the Israeli major.

Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International

Steelbird International, India’s leading automotive components manufacturing company and a pioneer in the Automotive Filters category, has announced a strategic partnership with A.L. Group of Israel, a company specializing in turnkey customized Filtration Solutions for the automotive industry worldwide – covering all types of Filters ranging from Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Cabin Filters.  With almost 6 decades of industry experience, Steelbird announced this partnership agreement on Wednesday, 15th March, on the occasion of its 59th Founder’s Day.

Under the agreement, Steelbird will market a new concept-driven product to its established OEM customer base, which will be manufactured by the Israeli major. The objective is to access the Indian OEMs through Steelbird’s strong foothold in the Indian market, while the manufacturing by A.L. Group will leverage the best precision engineering in delivering a world-class product. Thus, both brands are poised to complement each other’s strengths in manufacturing and marketing.

Cabin Filter for Cars – Fragrance can be controlled Via mob app

A completely new concept that combines Filtration technology with Freshness/ Perfumery while you’re driving or seated in a car, the product (soon-to-be-launched under a new name) is defined as ‘Auto Wellbeing System’ has 4 Aromatic Capsules of different scents for your choice of mood. Embedded seamlessly in the cabin air filter, it is controlled by an app and works automatically for the user’s convenience.

“Today we have made a significant breakthrough with the signing of the agreement with A.L. Group. Both parties are single-minded in their commitment to offer the best to OEMs worldwide, be it innovation in product, service, product quality, customer safety & satisfaction, delivery and strength of the product width and depth. We have decades of expertise of manufacturing all types of Auto Filters. This is a natural progression where we aim to impact the end-user experience with a cool new product. I am very pleased to be in partnership with A.L. Group”, said Mr. Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International.

Mr. Boaz Roseman, CEO, A.L. Group, said, “We are delighted to start this new venture with Steelbird, the leading automotive component manufacturing company of South Asia. The automotive sector is growing worldwide at an exciting pace both in terms of innovation and technology as well as the transformation to entirely new fronts with emerging concepts. I am particularly very optimistic about the Indian OEMs and hope to amplify our presence from now on.”