Renault Group joins New Energies Coalition for transport and logistics

Initiated by the CMA CGM Group in 2019, the New Energies Coalition brings together the world's leading international logistics chains operators. Together, they are committed to developing energy and technology solutions for reducing the sector’s impact on climate change.

Renault Group recognizes the importance of decarbonizing the transport and logistics industry and is committed to playing an active role in this transition. By joining the New Energies Coalition, Renault Group aims to collaborate with industry experts to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the supply chain freight, and the utilization of AI in supply chain operations.

Renault Group brings its extensive experience and expertise in the automotive sector to contribute to the Coalition’s efforts. Renault Group’s commitment to decarbonization aligns with the Coalition’s vision of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

We are very excited to join this team of industry leaders. Today’s major challenges, like the energy transition or the digital revolution, cut across sectors: collaboration is the winning game. When it comes to transport and logistics decarbonization also, no one can pretend to have the solution alone. Our joining the New Energies Coalition is consistent with Renault Group’s willingness to play open and an ecosystemic approach, bringing the best of its expertise to collectively move towards the decarbonized supply chain”, Denis Le Vot, Chief Supply Chain Officer. 

An initiative for concrete and viable decarbonisation solutions

Renault Group is joining the New Energies Coalition that was founded in December 2019 by Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM Group.

Its members are currently Airbus, Air Liquide, ArcelorMittal, AWS, Bureau Veritas, Crédit Agricole CIB (Corporate and Investment Banking), Carrefour, Cluster Maritime Français, CMA CGM, Engie, GRTgaz, Kuehne+Nagel, Michelin, PSA International, Rolls Royce, Schneider Electric, Total Energies, Veolia and Wartsila.

Renault Group and all the other economic and industrial stakeholders in the Coalition are committed to delivering the energy transition across the transport and logistics sectors. The Coalition’s efforts are focused on Research and Development, as well as inter-industrial cooperation. The whole value chain of the transport and logistics sectors is represented – from manufacturers and energy producers to end users. This collaborative approach provides the means to better understand the issues and challenges that each one faces in developing relevant and realistic solutions – in terms of new energies and new technologies for decarbonizing transport (maritime, air and road) and logistics operations across the world.

Renault Group’s expertise serving new energies coalition

Renault Group’s entry into the New Energies Coalition is a step forward in the development of low-carbon transportation. It’s pioneering role in the electric mobility market will enable it to make an active contribution to the decarbonization of last-mile delivery.

Renault Group’s expertise in vehicle connectivity, data capture and use through AI-enabled control towers is a key factor in monitoring and optimizing transport emissions reductions. 

Renault Group will also share its decarbonization experience in the logistic field such as multimodal push, optimization of kilometers per transport unit (km.m3 reduction).