Stellantis announces manufacturing activity launch with eDCTs  at its Mirafiori Complex in Italy

Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 project includes more than €240 million investment for the deep transformation of the site into a globally unique and fully-fledged hub hosting activities from design to engineering and tech, manufacturing, supply chain and recycling.

Left to Right: Stefano Lo Russo, Mayor of Turin; Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO; Alberto Cirio, President of Piedmont; Leonardo Rossi, Stellantis eDCT Plant Manager

Stellantis N.V. celebrated another manufacturing activity launch with electrified dual-clutch transmissions (eDCTs) at its historic Mirafiori complex in Italy, the next step in a €240 million investment in the site and for the Italian automotive industry to create the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030. Stellantis CEO announced an additional €100 million investment to boost the potential of the iconic Fiat 500e. Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 is the physical embodiment of Stellantis’ vision of transforming into a sustainable mobility tech company. The site, one of three primary global hubs for Stellantis, has operations that include the entire automotive cycle from design to recycling.

Mirafiori is also part of the grEEn-campus transformation program underway at Stellantis and will help save 36,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions. The grEEn-campus is a place for exchanging and sharing ideas that promote creativity and efficiency, and ultimately create a highly desirable work environment. The reimagined spaces directly support Stellantis’ carbon net zero by 2038 target outlined in its Dare Forward 2030 strategy. 

“Stellantis draws on its origins in Italy, France and the United States to drive its worldwide operations,” said Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO. “But Mirafiori is unique among Stellantis’ roots as it is becoming a fully-fledged center gathering central functions, technology development, manufacturing and circular economy activities. This is why its deep transformation, with eight new activities in Turin since we created Stellantis, requires a lot of attention, training and investment to continue delivering vehicles, technology and services that win the hearts and minds of our customers worldwide. In parallel to the launch of eDCT production, the announcement of an additional €100 million investment serves the ambition to further enhance the attractiveness and affordability of the Fiat 500e to enlarge the customer base, thus enlarging the Mirafiori manufacturing activity. As demonstrated, we intend to defend our leadership position in Italy against all competition, including Chinese manufacturers, whatever support they may benefit from in the country. Every day our Italian employees are demonstrating their skills, their fighting spirit and their resilience. I want to thank them warmly and sincerely for their support of Stellantis. Stakeholders can expect that we’ll continue to protect and nurture our roots in new and sometimes surprising ways.” 

Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 is the next chapter in the historic site’s rich, 80-year history. Today it is the production location for the Abarth 500e, Fiat 500e, Maserati GranTurismo, and Maserati GranCabrio and more than 90% of the vehicles built there are exported, contributing to Italy’s trade balance.

In 2023, FIAT increased its global sales volume by 12%, registering a total of 1.35 million units sold worldwide and confirming it as the leading Stellantis brand in terms of sales volume. The brand is leading in four markets with a share of 21.8% in Brazil, 12.8% in Italy, 15.7% in Turkey and 78.6% in Algeria. FIAT is the leader in the A-segment in Europe with a 42% market share and the newly announced investment in the 500e aims to strengthen the model’s leadership by offering a more enhanced customer experience with a more affordable option featuring an all-new battery and electric engine.