Tata Motors achieves 50,000 EV Production Milestone

Tata Motors has rolled out its 50,000th EV in the country from its manufacturing facility in Pune. The brand has the most extensive EV portfolio in the country, ranging from the Tata Nexon EV to the newly launched Tata Tiago EV.

Mr. Rajesh Khatri, Vice President, Operations, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd and Mr. Anand Kulkarni, Vice President, Operations, Product Line and Purchase & Supplier Quality, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, standing proud with the Company's 50,000th EV that was rolled out from its Pune facility.

Tata Motors has rolled out its 50,000th EV, a Tata Nexon EV Max, from its Pune facility. Several factors helped the company achieve this feat. from a favourable policy environment to a practical product offering coupled with better ride and handling, attractive cost of ownership, and positive word of mouth from existing customers..

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd. and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “As the pioneers of EVs in the country, the onus of ensuring successful adoption was on us. With well calibrated product mix, strong consumer facing initiatives, we have been able to address barriers to EV adoption. We created an entire EV ecosystem with Tata Group companies to provide simple, cost effective solutions for our customers.

“Celebrating 50,000th EVs in India is a strong testament to how our portfolio is resonating with people across the country. EVs are offering a practical solution to problems of rising fuel price and worsening pollution. Customers are now ready to welcome EVs and we are thrilled to witness the transition from early adopters to now EVs becoming a mainstream choice for Indian customers.” 

To democratize electric mobility in India Tata Motors is ensuring that there is an EV option for everyone. From the most popular SUV brand in India, the Nexon EV to the newest addition– Tata Tiago.ev, India’s first electric hatchback, the Company’s deep understanding of EV customers has resulted in an exciting product mix with the most relevant features. To address customer needs, the Company has not only introduced features like Multi Mode Regen and Multi Drive Mode, but also educated customers about the best way to drive their EVs for optimal range. All products are powered by the high voltage Ziptron architecture, which is driven and proven for over 450 million kms across diverse and challenging Indian terrains, providing an unmatched, uncompromising EV experience.

While new products are developed to cater to evolving customer needs, Tata Motors also offered software updates to existing EV customers so they can enjoy a renewed driving and ownership experience.  Furthermore, with an aim to make EVs easily accessible, Tata Motors has entered 80 new cities, expanding its network to more than 165 cities, helping consumers embrace EVs as their mode of personal mobility.

Going forward, Tata Motors is focusing on a three-phased architecture approach for EVs and plans to launch 10 EVs in 5 years.