Tata Motors joins the 5-million Club, celebrates in epic style

To mark this occasion, the Tata Motors’ family along with the New Forever range of cars & SUVs came together for a 50 Lakh milestone formation at the Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Plant in Pune.

Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer, has announced attainment of the 5 million passenger vehicles production mark. The employees celebrated this milestone in a unique way where the Tata Motors family and the much admired, New Forever range of Tata cars and SUVs came together to create the 50-lakh formation. This milestone is testimony of the popularity of its cars among the Indian customers.

Commenting on this historic milestone, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “Today marks a celebratory moment in the history of Tata Motors as we celebrate our 5-million production mark milestone. This journey, from each million to the next, has been one replete with its fair share of ups and downs. We have been changing India with every new product intervention. Every Innovation was with the idea of building the nation. The brand is respected by its customers for bringing several new technologies and we express our gratitude for the tremendous support by our customers who have made this landmark achievement possible. We owe this milestone to our employees, suppliers, channel partners, government for their continued support. At Tata Motors, we remain committed to continuously innovate and be a leading stakeholder in moving the future of mobility ahead in India with safer, smarter and greener solutions.”

To celebrate the 5-million production milestone, Tata Motors will roll out a celebratory campaign for customers and employees in India. Through the campaign, Tata Motors will deck-up its dealership and sales outlets with branded outfits and the signatory mnemonic to mark the milestone. The Company will continue month-long celebrations across its manufacturing locations and regional offices.

Tata Motors achieved the 1 million production mark in 2004, the second million in 2010 and reached the 3 million mark in 2015, and rolled out its 4 millionth car in 2020. In what serves as a testimony to the Company’s strong product portfolio and increasing consumer connect, Tata Motors was able to stride ahead from 4 million cars to the 5 million within three years, despite Covid-19 and Semiconductor shortage crisis which plagued the global automotive industry. Since 1998, Tata Motors has introduced some iconic brands that have stood the tide of time, played an integral role in shaping the motoring landscape in the post-economic liberalization era and are still popular in many households across India.