BatX launches ‘Buy Back Battery Programme’

BatX Energies on March 10 announced the launch of a ‘Buy Back Battery Programme’.

BatX is the only company that works on both lithium-ion battery manufacturing as well as its recycling, said a press release.

Under this programme, BatX Energies will take back batteries from the market and harvest the good cells from them, understanding the life and state of health of those cells and putting them back for stationary applications by developing lithium-ion batteries for inverters and solar storage batteries.

BatX is also offering a 10 per cent buyback cost to its electric vehicle OEMs clients like e-rickshaw and e2Ws.

Mr. Vikrant Singh, Co-Founder and CTO, BatX Energies, said, “Refurbishing of lithium-ion batteries will play an imperative role in the growth of electric transportation industry. At BatX Energies, we work together with our customers to build smart and sustainable solutions for ensuring the circulation of valuable material and the removal of harmful substances from the material cycle and aim to solve the global problem of end-of-lifecycle of a lithium-ion battery.”