DPGC enters EV sector; launches Darwin 2Ws

Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) has entered the battery-powered two-wheelers electric vehicles (EVs) sector.

Darwin EVAT, a green venture of DPGC, on November 21 announced the launch of three models of Darwin electric 2Ws – D-5, D- 7 and D-14.  The range was introduced by world amateur boxing champion Mary Kom.

Darwin EVs, said a press release, come with Japanese tech standards and have the highest mileage efficiency at an affordable price. With the ‘Charge and Go’ maxim, these two-wheeler EVs- Darwin- D-5, D- 7 and D-14 provide the young generation a new experience with several exciting features.

Speaking at the launch, DPGC Group CEO Dr Raja Roy Choudhury said, “Global automotive industry is in a transition phase and shifting towards electric mobility and in India, this transition has started to pick up pace. Darwin EVAT aims to contribute more to this electric revolution.”

He further said: “With the launch of three models, DPGC has taken a big leap forward to carbon neutrality and sustainability.”