goEgoNetwork EV charging park in Pune

goEgoNetwork, one of the fastest-growing EV charging infrastructure companies, has launched its first Fast EV Charging Park on Mumbai – Bangalore Highway, opposite Balewadi Stadium. This 24-hour charging park comprises two 60kW DC fast-charging stations that can charge 4 vehicles at a time. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shivajinagar MLA Shri Siddharth Shirole.

On the occasion of the launch, Hon’ble MLA Siddharth Shirole said, “This project by goEgo gives Pune a futuristic outlook, it is the first of its kind and many more such charging parks should be launched. I am sure this will help boost EV adoption and give EV owners an avenue to charge their vehicles as and when required. I congratulate goEgoNetwork on the feat.”

This installation in Pune represents a key milestone for the company in its ambitious journey towards enabling 2 million members to adopt zero-emission mobility. The charging park will support the charging of EVs of all makes currently available in the Indian market. goEgoNetwork has close to two thousand members on its network and gets up to 50 charging sessions per day.

This charging park in Baner-Balewadi, operational 24/7, is indeed a big step in bringing Pune closer to green energy and sustainability. Pune’s ambitious plans to move away from fossil fuels include targets to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 33% by 2030 compared to 2000, and for all new buses from 2020 to be zero-emission. The total number of buses currently stands at 400 plus and is expected to add another 150.

goEgoNetwork is playing a key role in helping to enable the transition to a zero-emission society, and the recent installation of the DC fast charging station in the west at Baner-Balewadi on the Pune-Bengaluru highway is continued evidence of goEgo’s commitment to the achievement of ambitious sustainability goals. The Charging Park is equipped with goEgoNetwork’s Pelican EV charging station that has a powerful capacity of 60kW. With this charging station, 4-wheeler EV owners can charge their EVs to 80% in just 45-60 minutes and can enjoy a full charge in just 90-120 minutes depending on the size of the battery. The Charging Park is also equipped with a Bharat AC charging station which is a 3-socket charging station that delivers 3.3 KW output in each socket to charge 2 and 3-wheelers. Using the goME app, one can enjoy a seamless charging experience with real-time notifications about the EV’s charging status while the vehicle’s owner can relax and rejuvenate at the shopping bay within the premises.  

Speaking about the launch of the EV Charging Park in Baner-Balewadi, Pune, Dheeman Kadam, Co-founder at goEgoNetwork, said, “A boost in robust EV charging infrastructure in India has enabled the positive adoption of EVs by the citizens of the country. We are proud to be the largest charging network in Pune with more than 100 EVSE deployed. To dismiss this anxiety, we at goEgoNetwork have unveiled this state-of-the-art EV Charging Park to enable India’s EV fraternity to move hassle-free.”