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Matter Introduces Drive1.0 EV motor

Matter, a technology innovation start-up, focused on creating futuristic sustainable solutions, on 10th March announced the development of the new, high-speed mid-torque Matter Drive1.0 Motor – a breakthrough with a new intelligent drive train incorporating a series of key innovations including Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System.  The innovation relooks at the approach of applying magnetism, materials, and cooling in delivering a robust and efficient drivetrain.

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder & CEO, Matter said, “What makes me proud today is that our innovation culture has enabled key technologies in multiple domains of the electric vehicle.  We wanted to build something that would shape the future for sustainable and innovative India through new-age mobility and energy solutions. The innovative Matter Drive 1.0 with the Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System is one of its kind in terms of technology and design. Our futuristic drivetrain is ready to power our upcoming performance EVs. With our ground-up approach, we are disrupting the way EVs are looked at in today’s world.”

The Matter Drive 1.0 is a Radial Flux Motor that incorporates a novel architecture of flux guide for optimum torque delivery and advanced materials to achieve a lightweight drivetrain. Moreover, this EV drivetrain platform hosts an Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System with liquid cooling, which the company claims are a first in class in this segment in India.

Consistent torque delivery across the speed range is ensured that opens possibilities for multi-speed transmission to aid better performance and efficiency while ensuring safety.

 Matter believes that thermal management is key to efficient, safe, and performance led EVs, especially in a tropical environment with high ambient temperatures. Keeping this in mind, we have prioritized the performance, safety, and reliability of the motor that will power our upcoming 2W performance EVs.

The cooling system is a perfect blend of technological innovation and engineering design, aiming to revolutionize power management and delivery of torque from the motor. This uniquely designed Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management system addresses temperature management for all the power train components.

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