Stakeholders comment on EV Day

On the occasion of the World EV Day on September 9 this year, several electric mobility players announced ambitious plans and also expressed the hope that the EV ecosystem will be further strengthened in not-too-distant a future.  They also lauded the Government’s efforts in promoting the growth of electric vehicles in the country. 

We reproduce below the comments by a few prominent stakeholders of the EV industry:  

“On this World EV day, I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by the Government of India in promoting faster adoption of EVs. The introduction of policies like FAME-II and additional subsidies by the state governments have helped EVs to go mainstream and encouraged the EV industry to introduce more innovative products for consumers. Several Indian automakers are now offering high-performance electric two-wheelers and are investing heavily in the development of the EV ecosystem.”

Mr Tarun Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder, Ather Energy

“EVs in India have now become more relevant than ever and this is evident by the addition of new electric cars. To accelerate the uptake of EVs further, the Central Government must offer a subsidy to individual buyers of 4-W passenger electric vehicles, making EVs affordable and their manufacturing a viable business for automobile companies. The future of e-mobility in India lies at the convergence of robust charging infrastructure, increased participation by automakers, and successful consumer use cases. The shift to EV mobility is inevitable, and we should do all to hasten its adoption.”

Mr Awadhesh Jha, Vice-President, Fortum Charge & Drive India

“With growing CO2 emission and rising ownership cost of conventional vehicles following surging fuel cost, the adoption of EV vehicles is gaining in momentum. In fact, it is being seen as a viable and  sustainable option in the mid to long term. With encouraging central policies like FAME II and state government level EV schemes, electric vehicles will be the future of mobility accessible by masses.

Mr. Vikas Gupta, Founder, CEO & CFO, eAshwa Automotive