Gold Seal: Gender equality a legacy

The secret of Gold Seal’s long history of high quality, high morale and leadership is because our founder Mr. H.E. Aga knew that women were not the weaker sex, but in reality the stronger players. He firmly believed that women had a bigger role to play in his start-up, way back in 1958.

Ably supported by his wife, Mrs. Daulet Aga, the husband and wife team started Gold Seal with a very small corpus of her full PF funds when she took premature retirement from Hindustan Lever.

At that time in 1959, much before the Government made laws to have equal pay, Gold Seal started with women employees and paid same wages to both men and women. I am happy to say that the first woman he employed just retired after completing 50 years in which she maintained a high level of discipline and morale.

In Mumbai HO, the HODs, be it Marketing, Purchase, Sales, Admin and HR; are ably lead by qualified, efficient, energetic and ambitious women who seek to excel and deliver more than what is expected of them.

All the women staff is encouraged to attend all buyer-seller meets and interact and network with others in the industry and with our German JV partners, so as to widen their vision to be able to complete multi-crore purchase deals.

When Gold Seal expanded from Mumbai to a new project in Daman, it started a small partnership firm, called Khush Raho Auto Products, where the original loyal senior women employees were given a chance to invest in a partnership side by side with the Aga family, so that they could work and earn the same as the promoters – a unique concept in 1985!

I give credit to my husband, Mr. Cyrus Aga, son of the Founder, Mr. Hoshang Aga, who allowed me to work side by side with him, with equal authority and responsibility, in growing the company from a small single-product, single-location company to a multi-crore, multi-location, multi-product company.