First Jio-bp mobility station opened in Navi Mumbai

Reliance BP Mobility Limited, a joint venture between Reliance Industries and BP, launched its first Jio-bp branded mobility station at Navde in Navi Mumbai, on October 26.

Jio-bp will bring a network of world-class mobility stations offering multiple fuelling choices to the customers, said a press release. The existing network of over 1,400 fuel pumps will be rebranded as Jio-bp, presenting a new range of customer value propositions over the coming months, it said further.

Jio-bp mobility stations will bring together a range of services for consumers on the move, including additivised fuels, EV charging, refreshments and food, and plan to offer more low carbon solutions over time, added the release.

Instead of regular fuels, Jio-bp mobility stations will offer additivised fuel at no extra cost. The JV will also set up a network of EV charging and battery swap stations at these mobility stations. The heart of the convenience offering will be making refreshments available to the customers, through Wild Bean Café.