Nissan showcases three global models: X-Trail, Qashqai and Juke

Nissan has announced that it is studying the feasibility of two of its most popular global models for the dynamic Indian market

Japanese carmaker Nissan on Tuesday, 18th October showcased three SUVs from its global portfolio, X-Trail, Qashqai and Juke in India.

The company said that the X-Trail will be launched in the country and it is studying the feasibility of two of its popular global models for the Indian market.

“The Indian market has boundless potential, and it is critical that we introduce the best vehicle line-up to align with what modern Indian consumers want and need,” said Frank Torres, President, Nissan India. “Following the success of the Nissan Magnite in India, we plan to strengthen our focus and leverage our expertise on high-quality SUVs that have become synonymous with our reputation.”

“The success of Nissan Magnite has shown what’s possible for the Indian market when you combine an excellent product with manufacturing competitiveness, supported by strong government partnerships. We look forward to strengthening Nissan’s presence in India and delivering further innovation and excitement for our Indian customers,” he said.