Skoda launches all-new Superb production in Bratislava

Series production of the fourth modern generation Škoda Superb begins just four weeks after its world premiere. Škoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat produced on the same line at the Volkswagen brand plant in Bratislava, leveraging significant synergies for the Volkswagen Group.

Four weeks after its world premiere near Prague, Škoda Auto has started producing the fourth modern generation of the Superb at the Volkswagen brand plant in Bratislava. This strategic relocation of its ICE flagship model from Kvasiny opens up production capacity at the Kvasiny site, which will be used to build additional units of the Octavia. The Superb has been the ICE flagship of Škoda’s model range since the first modern generation was introduced in 2001.

Andreas Dick, Škoda Auto Board Member for Production and Logistics, said , “Launching a new model generation is always a very special moment for the entire team. This is especially true for the new Superb as part of the Beta+ project, which involved the joint development of the Škoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat under Škoda’s leadership. Along with successfully relocating the Superb’s production to Bratislava, this initiative showcases the high degree of skill and expertise at Škoda. With the next generation of our successful ICE flagship model, we are also leveraging significant synergies for the Volkswagen Group. My sincere thanks to all the colleagues who have contributed to this project with great commitment.”

The decision to produce the fourth-generation Superb at the Volkswagen brand plant in Bratislava was announced in November 2020. The move is part of the Beta+ project, aimed at leveraging synergies in the production network and further boosting efficiency. Škoda Auto was responsible for the entire development of the Škoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat, which will both be produced on the same line.

By transferring the production of the Superb to Bratislava, Škoda is creating capacity for additional units of the Octavia at the Kvasiny plant from the summer of 2024 onwards. Additionally, the move will allow more battery-electric vehicles to be built at the Mladá Boleslav plant.

The production of the Škoda Superb in Slovakia begins with the body parts, many of which are pressed in Bratislava and then transported to the new body shop. The hall had been vacant and underwent a complete transformation under the Beta+ project. Moreover, in less than two years, Škoda Auto installed over 500 state-of-the-art robots, control systems and bonding equipment as well as onboarding suppliers. In addition, the assembly hall was comprehensively upgraded: The assembly line, where the new models have been seamlessly integrated into the existing production lines for Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles, had not been previously used for plug-in hybrid models. The assembly hall rebuild included installing automation equipment and handling technologies, industrial camera systems, and further updates across the assembly line. Additionally, the chassis production area was extended to incorporate battery packs for electric vehicles.

The paint shop at the Bratislava plant has also undergone significant changes, bringing tangible environmental benefits: For example, the introduction of new paint booths equipped with advanced air circulation systems and the ability to capture volatile organic compounds marks a further step towards more eco-friendly manufacturing.