Hyundai launches road safety campaign

Hyundai Motor India Ltd., country’s first smart mobility solutions provider and largest exporter since inception, on Monday announced the launch of the 5th edition of its #BeTheBetterGuy road safety campaign. The campaign aims to drive home the importance of safe driving habits, bringing about a positive change and making Indian roads safer for all users through innovative and engaging content across platforms.

Resonating with Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, Hyundai Motor India has been at the forefront of creating a meaningful and an emotional connect with its customers and other stakeholders as Road Safety has always been a core focus area for the company.

Commenting on the #BeTheBetterGuy Campaign, Mr. SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “Transcending the boundaries for a sustainable social environment, #BeTheBetterGuy is one such meaningful road safety campaign that goes ‘Beyond Mobility’ to sensitize the youth about benefits of practicing safe driving habits and making Indian roads safer. As a responsible and a caring brand, Hyundai aims to create awareness about road safety and making the millennials and Gen-Z socially responsible and highlight the importance of traffic rules. Our combined efforts through #BeTheBetterGuy campaign is to engage the masses to bring a positive behavioural change in the society and go Beyond Mobility, creating a safe and sustainable ecosystem that inspires Progress for Humanity. Over the years, the #BeTheBetterGuy campaign has been a strong voice in the road safety domain and has influenced a number of motorists in India to become better and safer road users and practice road safety in their day-to-day lives.”

Continuing Hyundai Motor India’s efforts since 2016 to enhance awareness and understanding of road safety rules, the campaign sends across a social message to every Indian, to ‘Be the Better Guy’ on the road. It draws attention to critical issues pertaining to road safety such as – over-speeding, violation of traffic rules, using mobile phone while driving, not wearing seatbelts, drinking and driving, underage driving and pedestrian safety. In addition to these, the campaign strongly advocates maintaining hygiene & social distancing and cultivating the habit of wearing masks when driving or riding in the car along with periodic car sanitization. Launched nationwide, #BeTheBetterGuy is a holistic road safety campaign designed to create two-way communication along with registering strongly in mind of the customers and other motorists.  The campaign plans to utilize a variety of platforms such as TV, Radio, Print, Magazine, social media, website, OOH with the aim to share emotional and impactful messaging with the youth.