Skoda releases two sketches of Slavia

Skoda Auto on November 2 released two official design sketches that offer a glimpse of its upcoming midsize sedan Slavia.

The first of the two design sketches features Slavia’s front and silhouette. The image shows the car’s low front section, including a wide, hexagonal Skoda grille, extending all the way to slender, sharply defined headlights that feature an L-shaped daytime running light strip. Also visible are the coupé-style silhouette and long wheelbase, as well as a distinctive badge with Skoda wordmark on the front wings.

The second sketch focuses on the rear of Slavia. The sedan’s roofline slopes gently towards the rear, where it merges elegantly and smoothly into the boot lid. Adding further touches to the model’s distinctive looks are Skoda wordmark in block letters and a rear apron with a chrome strip.

In addition, reflectors on either side emphasise the vehicle’s width. Featuring the signature C-shaped Skoda lights design, the taillights are divided into two parts and extend into the boot lid.