Škoda Auto Volkswagen India celebrates engine & vehicle production milestones

The Engine Shop at Chakan has produced over 380,000 engines, aligning with the ‘Make in India’ initiative by sourcing components domestically.

Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) is celebrating a series of significant achievements at its state-of-the-art vehicle and engine manufacturing facility in Chakan, India.

Since its inception, SAVWIPL has played a pivotal role in India’s automotive landscape. The company has surpassed a remarkable milestone, having produced over 1.5 million vehicles at its Chakan Plant since it rolled out the first car – the Škoda Fabia in 2009 from the facility. This achievement includes iconic models from Volkswagen Group such as the VW Vento and Polo, Škoda Fabia and Rapid along with new-age models based on the famed MQB-A0-IN platform – VW Taigun and Virtus, Škoda Kushaq and Slavia. 

Over the past years, the Engine Shop at the Chakan facility has produced more than 300,000 units of world-class and highly efficient engines for the Volkswagen Group. This achievement is further strengthened by SAVWIPL’s dedication to domestic sourcing, with the 1.0L TSI engines highly relying on components manufactured within India. This commitment aligns perfectly with the nation’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. SAVWIPL has also established a well-balanced approach to automation. While leveraging technology for efficiency, the company recognizes the value of human expertise and continues to hone local talent further leveraging the ‘Skill India’ movement.

Adding to the list of accomplishments, Škoda Auto Volkswagen India also celebrated the 300,000 unit production milestone for the popular INDIA 2.0 car range, which includes VW Taigun and Virtus, Škoda Kushaq and Slavia. Engineered in India, For India and the World these are one of the safest made-in-India cars having achieved full five-star safety rating for both adult and child occupants by the Global NCAP.

Looking beyond domestic production, SAVWIPL actively contributes to India’s global presence as a manufacturing hub. The company proudly exports over 30% of its car production, showcasing Indian capabilities and quality standards on the international stage. The Group has exports to over 40 countries and is among the top four exporter of India-made cars.

Commenting on these milestones, Andreas Dick, Škoda Auto a.s. Board Member for Production and Logistics, said, “In today’s ever-evolving global arena, India emerges as a vital contributor to Škoda Auto’s production prowess. The milestones achieved by Škoda Auto Volkswagen India resonate far beyond national borders, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation on a global scale. Our decade-long investment in the Engine Shop and the remarkable output of 1.5 million vehicles at the Chakan Plant, showcases India’s pivotal role in our global strategy. These achievements not only signify our capabilities but also highlight the immense potential of the Indian market in driving our growth trajectory forward.”

Dr Johannes Neft, Škoda Auto a.s. Board Member for Technical Development added, “Achieving the 1.5 million production milestone is a testament to the exceptional engineering capabilities of our Indian manufacturing facility. Our top-class R&D centre in India plays a crucial role in driving innovation and excellence. The global team greatly values the insights and expertise, and these contributions are integral to developing new, cutting-edge products for India and the world. This highlights the strength and ingenuity of our Indian operations, positioning us at the forefront of automotive innovation worldwide.”

Piyush Arora, Managing Director & CEO, Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited, said, “I am immensely proud of these achievements within our local landscape. The significant output of 1.5 million vehicles at our Chakan Plant, coupled with the production milestone of four successful MQB models and the 10-year journey of our Engine Shop stand testament to our dedication to India’s automotive industry and SAVWIPL’s significant contribution to the nation’s talent and workforce. As we outline our expansion plan in India, we remain steadfast in our mission to ‘Innovating Locally, Impacting Globally’. We aim to elevate India’s position as a global hub for automotive manufacturing, aligning with the national mission of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, driving growth and prosperity within our communities”.

By prioritizing research and development (R&D), building strategic partnerships, and investing in talent development, SAVWIPL is laying the groundwork for a future focused on innovation and sustainability in the Indian automotive industry. As SAVWIPL embarks on the next phase of its journey, it remains committed to driving progress and shaping the future of mobility in India.