AutoGarage CRM app launched by ITK Solutions

In a bid to strengthen the multi-brand garages, the vehicle owners, and the after-market spares business owners to make them digitally enabled, ITK Solutions, with the support of Zoho, has launched an ERP application – the AutoGarage CRM. In India, the independent and multi-brand auto businesses are in dire need for techno-enablement of operations for customer retention, service efficiency, profitability, productivity and business growth. Let us understand in detail as to why an Automation Application, for the multi brand after-market auto businesses is necessary today.

Firstly, OEM’s develop and maintain their own ecosystem of Auto repair shops across the geographies creating a restricted business opportunity for those neighborhood independent and multi-brand auto garages who have been operating for many generations in our small towns and cities.

This ecosystem of restricted services and spares availability only with OEM authorized auto businesses is leading to a massive decline in the local multi-brand auto businesses and is binding the vehicle owners to rely only OEM based repair shops and authorized auto spare business outlets, leaving the vehicle owners with reduced choices in opting alternate services from their local auto garages.

Hence, the multi-brand Auto Garages are unable to scale up to the present customer expectations and are losing their customers due to lack of affordable and scalable software applications to manage their multi-brand, family run garage businesses.

Most of the currently available auto garage applications are found to be rigid in their size, cost and scale for small, medium and even for fairly large MULTIBRAND Auto Garages to successfully adopt technology for growth.

Vehicle owners who genuinely want to avail quality and affordable services from their local auto technicians are expecting them to provide the same bespoke services as compared with their OEM counterparts but at lesser costs.

Due to this, there is a dire necessity for the multi-brand auto garages to upgrade to a digital platform that matches with the OEMs and provide world-class service to their clients.

This helps them to stop losing customers and their legacy of operations (since most of the MBO’s are run for generations and deal with Servicing, Buying & Selling, Insurances, Spares, Warranties) due to the lack of an intelligent application.

By using the Auto CRM app, you get the TECHNO-ability to connect with customers and business on daily basis with visibility and quality. It also provides new opportunities such as software reselling and you can now get new business leads through our Android add-on apps for a sustained growth.

ITK Solutions with the support of Zoho has built the AutoGarage CRM, an ERP application keeping in mind to strengthen the multi-brand garages, the vehicle owners and the after-market spares business owners to be digitally enabled.

The app helps multi brand auto garages in improving customer retention, service efficiency, profitability, productivity and business growth. Vehicle owners can use the Web and mobile apps that are multi-device accessible anytime anywhere. General public can use a free android app where they can avail the services from the auto businesses such as auto garages, auto spares, auto sales, auto insurance, auto battery services, wheel alignment centers, tyre and tube services etc., Finally, an ecosystem, where the family run local auto businesses do not become extinct. There is an opportunity as a new line of business in Software reselling for, Auto Spare parts dealers, Used Car Dealers, Auto Consultants by reaching out to their customers with a world-class software app.

ITK offers a special approach, a 15 day free trial of their web applications and mobile apps, a free 10 hours of customization, helping the client to set up the software as per his niche requirements. For a test drive

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