goEgo partners with VIT’S Kamats

In a substantial boost to electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India, EV infrastructure start-up goEgoNetwork has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the hospitality industry VIT’S Kamats Group, to install charging stations at all its Hotels (Pan India)

“goEgo is excited about its new collaboration in the hospitality sector. These kinds of tie-ups will help reduce the range anxiety among the EV owners and help build the EV charging infrastructure. They will certainly help the EV owners to stop by to eat, relax and refresh while their EVs are getting charged up at the same time. As a business owner installing a charging station on the premises will in turn help them increase footfall as well as present an opportunity to earn additional revenue,” says Mr Dheeman Kadam, Co-Founder &CMO, goEgoNetwork.

The charging stations are equipped to charge all EV makes on the road today in India. They’re accessible and usable via the goME app, which provides EV owners real-time notifications regarding the charging status.

The installation comes at a time when both the Central and State governments are urging EV adoption, including in the hospitality sector. The travel and hospitality industry, today, stands at an important crossroads for EV charging – with many big players increasingly understanding that in a few years, having an EV charging station in their visitor amenity list could influence decisions to book and stay there. “By installing EV charging stations within our premises, hospitality industries like the VITS Hotels & Resorts are not only building trust in our guests, but they are also helping build the EV charging infrastructure in India. We are glad to be partnering with goEgoNetwork for this,” says Dr Vikram Kamat, Chairman, VIT’S Kamats Group.