SANY launches first locally manufactured electric opencast mining truck SKT105E

The SKT105E's innovative design, coupled with its zero-emission operation, makes it an environmentally friendly solution for mining sites.

Sany India, a leading global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, unveiled the SKT105E Electric Dump Truck, the first of its kind to be locally manufactured in India. This groundbreaking addition to Sany’s portfolio marks a significant milestone in the nation’s mining industry. The unveiling ceremony, held at Sany India’s cutting-edge facility, was attended by Mr. Deepak Garg, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Sany India & South Asia, esteemed guests, and industry professionals.

The SKT105E Electric Dump Truck represents a new era in mining technology, combining local expertise with global innovation. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of open-cast mining operations, this fully electric off-highway dump truck boasts exceptional energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With an impressive payload capacity of 70 tonnes, it stands as a powerhouse asset for mining enterprises across the nation.

Mr. Deepak Garg, in his address at the launch event, emphasized the significance of the SKT105E in driving sustainable mining practices in India. He stated, “The SKT105E marks a historic moment for Sany India and the Indian mining industry. By localizing production and introducing cutting-edge electric technology, we are not only enhancing operational efficiency but also contributing to the nation’s vision of sustainable development.”

The SKT105E’s innovative design, coupled with its zero-emission operation, makes it an environmentally friendly solution for mining sites. Its advanced electric propulsion system ensures optimal performance while reducing carbon footprint, thereby aligning with India’s commitment to combat climate change.

Furthermore, Mr. Garg highlighted Sany India’s dedication to fostering local manufacturing capabilities and empowering the nation’s economy. He stated, “The SKT105E is a testament to Sany India’s commitment to ‘Make in India’ initiative. By manufacturing locally, we not only create job opportunities but also strengthen the indigenous manufacturing ecosystem.”

The launch event witnessed the presence of Sany India’s senior management, staff, and workers, alongside esteemed guests and industry leaders. Key figures such as Sauro Ray, Head of Mining Business Unit; Sanjay Saxena, COO of Sany India; Daryl Lean, VP of Sany Group; Sunil More, Director of Factory Operations; and Sandeep Laroiya, Senior VP of Customer Support & R&D, graced the occasion.