Carens surpasses 1.5 lakh sales milestone in just 27 months

• 50% buyers prefer the mid and top trims of the family mover which has features like Sunroof, Multi Drive Modes, Ventilated Seats and Kia Connect to name a few.

Kia India’s flagship vehicle, Carens has achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing 1.5 lakh domestic sales since its launch in February 2022. The vehicle has revolutionized the family mover segment with its sleek design and cutting-edge tech features, becoming a preferred mobility choice for new-age customers with extended families. Impressively, 50% of the consumers prefer the top and mid trims of this popular family mover, which has features like Sunroof, Multi Drive Modes, Ventilated Seats and Kia Connect to name a few.

Among the various options, the petrol powertrain has emerged as the top choice, accounting for 57% of demand, followed by the diesel powertrain with 43%. Additionally, manual transmission continues to be highly preferred, with 62% of customers opting for it. Recently in April 2024, the company re-launched the 6-seater variant of Carens which has received a good response.

Mr. Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales & Business Officer, Kia India, said, “Carens has become a favourite among Indian families, offering them style and peace of mind on every journey. It now accounts for approximately 15% of our monthly domestic sales, and we are confident that its popularity will only grow in the coming years. We remain deeply committed to bringing innovative and high-quality vehicles to our customers and are grateful for their continuous support.”

The success of the Kia Carens extends beyond the domestic market, with close to 17,000 units exported, significantly contributing to Kia’s global operations. The vehicle has also accounted for over 15% of the company’s total domestic wholesale, solidifying its position as one of the best-selling family movers in its segment. As the Kia Carens continues to capture the hearts and minds of customers, Kia India remains dedicated to delivering exceptional driving experiences and pioneering vehicles that redefine automotive excellence.