Tesla Power to install 5k charging points

“We are gearing up for installing 5,000 two-wheeler EV charging points pan-India in the near future at our franchise-owned Tesla Power Shops”, said Mr. Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director, India, Tesla Power.

He was speaking at the ‘India Business Meet’ hosted by Tesla Power USA, in New Delhi. The programme was also attended by Mr. John H. Vratsinas, MD & Global CEO, and Mr. Sandeep Avasthi, Business Head, India.

Mr. Khurana further said, “This is our commitment to encourage the use of EVs and contribute to as much sustainability of the environment as we can. Our support to power these vehicles is 100 per cent and we look forward to offer them charging points support to increase the acceptance of EV two-wheelers.”

Speaking at the meet, Mr. Avasthi said, “The major factor that’s helping us to spread our horizon pan-India is the-longest warranty with the largest service network.”

Mr. Vratsinas said, “This is the first time in modern Indian history that India is leading the world in new technologies and infrastructure for the growth of e-vehicles. I believe India will create the best model of EV charging infrastructure that the West will follow.”

Tesla Power USA Inc. is among the fastest growing brand of batteries in India. It has 200+ distributors and 250+ Tesla Power Shops in over 20 states in the country.